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SL81 - Large former railway station, offices and yard with well over 1 Acre, in Germany.

Am Bahnhof, 39517 Tangerhütte, Tangerhütte, 39517, Sachsen-Anhalt, Stendal, Germany
£ 23,500
  • Beds: 5
  • Parking:
  • Total viewing: 679
Large former railway station, offices and yard with well over 1 Acre, in Germany.
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About property
A truly massive property, with potential to match.

For your purchase, you get a massive station house, a large goods shed, a small house and well over 1 Acre of land.


The station house is of brick construction, has 2 floors, basement and big loft (See photos). There are two front doors to the main house. Inside is a WC, shower room and various bedrooms, waiting room (Huge, and with many original features) and much more.

The goods shed is massive, it would make sense to have this as apartments or business rental units, this would make a great business park and has the space for it. Parking is aplenty, you own pretty much all that you can see in the photos. The truck incidentally is parked on your land, but you would be welcome to fence the boundary off as the station is no longer in use, its now privately owned by ourselves. Public access is no longer a requirement.

There is a small cottage big enough for a family of 4 if renovated, in between the cottage and main railway station house there is a walled garden with good quality entrance gates.

To the side of the large goods shed there is a huge door, leading to a raised platform, with views stretching the length of the land.

This is one of the rarer buys because the station is no longer in use, that means that you can have as much or as little privacy as possible because its all yours! There is a small platform that runs part way along your goods shed, you can have this as a patio!

The property will need work on each part to make it functional, don't expect to be able to move in today, as you can see from the photos.

Vital stats:

  • The land size is around 6,899 SQM
  • The property was built around 1880
  • The property is situated in the town of Tangerhütte, Saxony

About the town: Tangerhütte is a well cared for town, with plenty of amenities. From supermarkets to opticians, bakers and a new railway station (Yours is now in private hands!). Apart from the usual shops, tourist information etc there is a fabulous waterside path that meanders out of the town into the surrounding countryside, the path is well used by cyclists and walkers. For the healthy folks there is a sports centre, recently kitted out with new equipment, a football pitch and athletics track for public use and events.

DB Rent a tiny part of the property (A cupboard) and pay 569 Euros per Annum for the privilege, you can have this deposited into your personal bank account each year.


Base Information

Bed: 5
Property document:
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