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Whilst we at Sneddon & Lock do not offer mortgages directly, we have one recommended company that can provide matched mortgages for both German nationals and foreign nationals, including British and others.

If you do not have the means to buy outright, a mortgage may be the way, but generally the pricing of our homes is aimed at cash ready buyers, we cannot provide any advice on Germany property mortgages. If you do not have the means to purchase a property outright without a mortgage, please first apply for the mortgage before contacting us.

Note we do not provide seller / owner financing, this is a complex field, and there are no exceptions to be made.

Use the link below to start your mortgage application.

The process of the above site is below:

Check how much you can afford

Answer some basic questions and get an idea on what your mortgage may look like – it only takes 3 minutes. the algorithm compares your data with the requirements of more than 400 partner banks

Tell us more about yourself

German banks require in-depth information about the property and your financial situation. This should not take longer than 40 minutes and you can complete it 24/7

Chat with a mortgage expert

Our mortgage experts guide you through the German mortgage process, explain requirements and recommend the most suitable option from more than 400 banks

Secure your mortgage

Relax and let us close your mortgage with the lender while keeping you informed every step of the way. All free of charge

Use the link below to start your mortgage application.

Use our free mortgage loan calculator below

Informed investing in Germany.

Experience is everything, we are enthusiastic about sharing this enthusiasm. We will help you invest in Europe's powerhouse, From initial contact to purchasing, renovating and renting, we are with you every single step of the way.

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