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Owning a property, and leaving it sitting empty is just plain daft!

If you are investing in a residential or commercial property in Germany, you're going to want to make sure it is either bringing in a return or is going to increase in value, so when you resell it, you're actually going to profit. Letting a property sit empty is pointless, German summers are just lovely, but winters can have wind rain and snow, without property maintenance any property will deteiorate over time, keep it maintained and your choice of investment will be a wise one.

Email sales@almany.co.uk for an informal chat.

You're going to get bills through the door to your UK, UAE, US address, wherever you live, and they are going to be in the German language. Ignoring the letters is not an option (But an option that many choose, thinking that they are not important, don't matter etc, this is not wise!). Google Translate will only give a bit of an idea what these letters mean, what the letters are requesting

We provide the following services.

  • Address service for letters and correspondence in German for your Germany property. Our dedicated property management team will process your post, making sure that you are aware of what has arrived, they will also deal with the mail, paying bills on your behalf and answering mail as required.
  • Property maintenance service. We can check regularly on your property, or do repairs on demand.
  • We can set up a managed, ring-fenced German bank account, this can be used to deal with repairs, to pay bills and of course the low monthly management fee.
  • If you require a bank account in Germany, we have a good relationship with one of Germany's largest banks, from making the appointment to visiting the bank and opening the account with you, we can assist. You'll get access to online banking and be able to do transfers both within Germany and internationally. Accounts are opened in the Euro currency.
  • Tenant management. We can advertise in native German for renters, and manage the renters once they move into your property.
  • Collecting rent payments on your behalf.
  • Dealing with tax authorities and accounting.

Useful Links:

  • Google Translate - https://translate.google.co.uk/
  • Google Translate Download for Android Here, Download for Apple products Here.

The Google Translate apps have a function where you hover your phone or device over the German wording and it will translate on the fly, remember this is not accurate and will only give you a general idea of the contents.

A better translation program is DeepL, which consistantly rates better than Google Translate. Visit DeepL here: https://www.deepl.com/translator

Email sales@almany.co.uk for an informal chat.